Music That Inspires My Writing

Something that I have found helpful while writing my fantasy/thriller fiction novel is listening to soundtracks. These soundtracks usually help me develop a great pace and rhythm. The one I have linked to this post is one of my favorites. I use it to write any action scenes in my novel. It really just helps me get my creative juices flowing!

I hope you check it out, along with any of Thomas Bergersen’s work. He has some stunning one’s for action, romance, and even war scenes.

Other artists that may interest you for inspiration are Audiomachine, Hans Zimmer, and David Lanz.

My Favorites:

-Thomas Bergersen’s Illusions Album
-Chronicles Album by Audiomachine
-Pretty much any of Hans Zimmer’s, especially his soundtracks from the movie “Inception”.
-“Cristofori’s Dream” by David Lanz

Again, I hope these are hopeful!

Jinapher J. Hoffman

Twitter: @TheWriting_


3 thoughts on “Music That Inspires My Writing

  1. I can imagine that this music inspires. I am a total fan of Thomas and Two Steps from Hell, I alos love Audiomachine and Hans Zimmer. All different styles of Thomas are wonderful and I love them all. I am waiting for them to do a concert in the UK. Happy to hear it helps with your writing, I just dream with the music ( I don’t write)! 🙂

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