Featured Creative Mind: Denzel Spencer

This month’s Featured Creative Mind is none other than Denzel Spencer, a singer from New Jersey. His latest debut, “Nightmare”, is a song focusing on what it’s like to be in love with somebody who might not love you back. I think we can all say we’ve heard or been apart of a relationship like that. Not only is his song relatable, but Spencer, as a songwriter, has used meaningful lyrics that, let’s be honest here, we may not hear as often as we used to. Luckily, I had the honor of asking him a few questions, and found Spencer to have an extraordinary personality and creative mind. Below, I have uncovered some of the answers from numerous questions involving Denzel Spencer, his love for singing/songwriting, and what he plans to do next.

Find the link to Spencer’s website and download his song “Nightmare” below!

Finding his song, “Nightmare”, to deal with love, I asked Spencer if he had any tips or tricks on how to write songs. He answered, “Write from experience.. Write to the people…” He said that writing about things you see everyday that interest you is the best way to come up with a great song. Wondering if his song had anything to do with reality, I followed up with a question on what piqued his interest to write “Nightmare”. “You know the, ‘Still in love with someone, who fell out of love with you, but they still wanna keep you around for their pleasure’? Yeah, it’s that kind of story…Leading you to believe they will be yours again. I tried to capture that moment, when you reach your breaking point, and you just have to tell them, ‘This isn’t love. This is a nightmare.”‘

From there, I continued to question Spencer about his love for songwriting and if he had tried to write anything other than songs. In response, he added, “I love to write stories, and I am researching how to write movie scripts. I’m currently working on a story about teenagers. If I told you more, you would want me to release it!” But, just like most writing, Spencer agrees that it is not simple, stating that “…if you’re writing about something you don’t believe in…” then it just won’t work out in your favor. Writing takes a lot of heart, courage, and passion to do what you want to accomplish.

Wanting to get to know the personal side of Denzel Spencer, I asked about his main inspirations in the music industry and other passions in his life besides song writing. He explained, “My inspiration, of course, is and will always be Michael Jackson…My hearts in New York City. I love the lights and the constant rushing…My favorite place to write is at home with the TV in the background on my iMac or Mac-book. I tried writing on my iPhone but it’s not the same feeling. I feel like i’m texting myself. I’m a weirdo, and the way to my heart is anything seafood, banana, and or apple related.” 

Much like his role-model, Micheal Jackson, Spencer was sure to add in, “I’ve been performing and making music since the age of 5. I’ve performed in front of a maximum of 1,000 people at the age of 7, and I share a birthday with my Idol (Michael Jackson), on August 29.”

After finishing up with the interview, Denzel Spencer wanted to send his wishes to his fans, ” I wanna thank everyone. All the support really means the world to me…Without you I’m nothing.”

You can listen/download Denzel Spencer’s “Nightmare” at his website: www.denzeldspencer.com

You can follow him on twitter: @DenzelDSpencer

     Also, be sure to help Spencer out by requesting his song at your local radio station! Congratulations to Denzel D. Spencer for becoming this month’s Featured Creative Mind! Want to be the next Featured Creative Mind? Direct Message me on Twitter: @TheWriting_!


Jinapher J. Hoffman



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