Today, I am going to answer any questions you may have had this past week.

First, I would like to say thank you to everyone reading my blog! This first week has gotten me around 100 views and that is just so great!

Second, I would like to ask you(if you haven’t already) to please follow my twitter: @TheWriting. This is because a lot of my time is spent on twitter and it’s where I gather up my FAQs. Also, sometimes I let my followers chose the blog post, so it’s a good idea to follow me.

If you don’t have a twitter, I recommend for you to leave your questions in the comment section of any of my blog posts. I also check these frequently.

Now, for the questions!

1. Is it better to use a “big” publishing house or “small” publishing house?
Most of the time, larger publishing services have more restrictions, but are very well-known. Small publishing services offer up a lot more freedom but aren’t as well-known. Really, as a writer, you will need to figure out what your “book priorities” are in order to pick what type of publishing house you want.

2. What is your book, “Choice” about?
My book is a fantasy thriller with teenagers finding their way to their destinies. It takes place in a whole new world with beings you probably have never heard of. Unfortunately, I cannot give too much information out at the moment.

3. How do you get through a bad case of writer’s block?

Usually, I look through google images. Remember, pictures can be worth a thousand words!

4. Have you published anything?

No, but I’m in the editing process and waiting on a response from an agent.

5. What’s the hardest thing you have ever had to write?

My book, most definitely! The idea came easily, but it took a lot of motivation throughout the first, second, and third drafts to get it done.

6. Is it hard to create a new world? How long does it take&& what are some tips?
Creating a new world can range from simple to extremely difficult. It’s honestly up to your idea. If you are starting from scratch, then yes it’s going to take you awhile. If you already have a pretty good mental image of it, then it shouldn’t take you too long.

When you create a world, you are coming up with the outline of it. Then, while you are writing your book or story, you just add in the details.

My main tip is to make sure your world has three unique qualities that you truly believe no one else may have. This may take a bit to think of, but it will benefit you in the end.

7. What’s your goal as a writer? Like what do you want to give your readers.

My goal is to inspire my readers’ imaginations to picture this world I’ve created. I want them to feel enveloped in this magical place where the impossible exists. If they can’t get that, then I would be completely bummed out. My target audience is YA, and I am a young adult, so I would feel pretty lame if I couldn’t relate with them either. I mean my dream is to become an international, NY Times, best selling professional author. All I want to do is give the world what it’s been looking for.

8. Do you think you have a chance at getting published or is all this just you tooting ur own horn???

No, I’m being completely honest, I have a chance to make it and its now. I will be published, I can almost guarantee it. If I didn’t have that confidence, then I would have given up on writing a very long time ago. My book is unique, unlike any other, and a perfect balance of good and bad. I’m in love with my book, and I hope one day you will be too!


Thank-You for your questions and please feel free to ask more!


Jinapher J. Hoffman



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