Creating Your Protagonist

Every story needs a protagonist. Why? Well, who will stop the evil?

When I created my first protagonist, I came up with her skeleton. Then, as I wrote the book, I added detail, or flesh. When you are building a character, you are building a person, so you have to add on everything a person has.

First step: Build the skeleton of your protagonist.
-What color are their eyes?
-Do they have a pretty smile?
-Brown hair or blonde?
-The skeleton is the basic characteristics. If you have trouble, look at yourself in the mirror. Did you miss something? Always double check.

Second step: Describe your character in a basic outline.
-What do they love?
-Do they have magic?
This should be every other little detain you didn’t cover in the skeleton.

Third step: People.
-Who’s their family?
-Love interest?

Fourth step: Goal.
-What is the goal of your character?

Fifth step: EMOTION.
-This one is a biggie. Your character needs to have feelings. What makes them cry, become angry, or joyful? What is an emotion that always seems to be with them?

Below, I’ve put together an example character/protagonist.

Thomas Heff. A short, stubby, brown eyed flirt with a long lasting grief for his previous girlfriend. He has no family left, and his best friend, Derrek, just moved away to Denver. His goal is to find a woman he can cuddle up by a fire with and eat jumbo shrimp with a premium spicy cocktail sauce. He hates swimming because of the way his obese structure looks but he lives for waterparks.

And there it is! Now, you try it!

Jinapher J. Hoffman
Twitter: @TheWriting_


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