Twitter Update!

Hey everyone!

I’m sure some of my followers of notices that I haven’t posted to my blog or twitter in a couple of days. I am so sorry, because I really try to blog/tweet everyday. Unfortunately, for some reason, my twitter account has been suspended. I had one hundred people follow me, so I followed them back and apparently that’s considered “aggressive following”. Again, I apologize for this inconvenience and I am trying the best I can to fix it.

I am not sure if this post will upload to twitter, but I hope it does so everyone will know what happened. I promise I was not suspended for any bad reasons, just that I followed too many followers back. Twitter has not responded to my complaints yet, but when they do, you will be notified!

Thank you for your patience!

Also, I am finishing a short story for a competition tomorrow so it is likely I will not post tomorrow. You can expect a FANTASTIC blog post on Saturday!

Jinapher J. Hoffman
Twitter: @TheWriting_


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