Books & Beauty?

Because I am just as much of a fashion junkie as I am a book junkie, I am going to start doing fashion hauls on my blog and YouTube! This first beauty haul will be done through my blog and then the next one on YouTube. I am going to try and do one every other social network. Today’s will feature products from Claire’s, Redken, and Publix.

The first beauty products are all from Claire’s:

These fake nails were around $7.50 and are a great buy! So far, they’ve held strong and are VERY CUTE! They attach with glue, which is included, and come with all kinds of different sizes to maximize your chance of the perfect fit!

This lipstick was $5 from Claire’s. IT IS NOT VERY PIGMENTED. Not exactly one of my favorites and I was disappointed when I tested it out on my hand and it was practically clear, BUT I put it on my lips and it gave them a very pretty pink sheen. So, although it wasn’t what I was expecting, it is still a nice casual color for everyday wear!

This is an adorable compact mirror, also from Claire’s, and is double sided. The stones are not the only items that sold me on this mirror! Claire’s is having a Buy 2 Get 1 free sale on ALL cosmetics here in Alabama. I do not know if that’s what the Claire’s near you is doing, but be sure to check it out! This mirror is perfect for when you’re out on a date and need a quick fix up or when you’re at school and don’t have time for the bathroom. This mirror was $5.50, but because of the sale, I got it for FREE!

The next and final item from Claire’s is this beautiful, large powder brush. I, personally, have been recently obsessed with cosmetics and beauty products, so this brush is EXTREMELY HELPFUL! I believe the price of this brush ranged from $3-$5. It was also part of the sale I mentioned previously.

The following products are from Redken&Publix:

Yesterday, I got my hair done at my local hair styling/cutting store, which is Fireflies! If you would like a $10 discount for your next purchase at Fireflies, just tell them that Jinapher Hoffman referred you to them! Yes, it’s that easy! Now, about the Redken product! This product made my hair silky smooth and gave it that natural shine that every girl wants. It is a leave in cream, or leave in conditioner, that not only keeps your hair fresh and sleek, it also protects your hair for 3 days of heat! This is a WONDERFUL product for those girls or guys out there who straighten/curl their hair on a daily basis and don’t have time in the morning for adding protecting product. Put this product in after a shower Sunday night and it will last you through Wednesday night! Then, just add some in quickly after your next shower, and WAHLA, another 3 days of heat protection!

If you haven’t tried out Fireflies hair salon in Spanish Fort, AL, here’s a picture of my before and after hair! Remember, you can get a discount by telling your stylist that Jinapher Hoffman referred you!

Above to the left is my before hair color(weird picture, but it was the only selfie of my old hair), and the picture to the right is my after hair.

The last product I want to show from you was bought from Publix. It is a light shade of powder by Milani. This is a fairly cheap brand and it is a great powder to use to lightly put over your foundation and primer. I have previously bought products from Milani and loved them. I believe this product was about $6, which is a great price compared to my foundation by Neautrogena, which is a womping $13!


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