Update: My Life, Writing, and What’s Next!

Hey everyone!

I know this is probably like the third update in the past two weeks, but it’s rather important! A lot of people have been tweeting and asking me to share a little more about myself, and so here it is!

My name is Jinapher Hoffman. I am a sixteen year old teenager, but I like to think of myself as a little more sophisticated than most sixteen year olds. I write like crazy, and I mean that literally. I am really into fantasy and those not-so-real-but-totally-real worlds that just come alive while I’m writing or reading! I am an avid reader, which is why I’ve been trying to do more book reviews lately. PLUS, I am currently looking for new reads, so if you have any to suggest, please do! Also, I love photography, fashion, and on the side, I do some modeling for my sister, who is a designer (P.S. ARTICLE COMING SOON ABOUT HER). I really love meeting people like me who love to write, or who are just plain ambitious. I aim not for success with money, OH NO HONEY CHILD, but for success with inspiration. I want my writing to inspire girls and guys all over the planet to become one with my work and hunger for more. I guess you could say I aim to be the next J.K. Rowling, but seriously, what writer doesn’t? Currently, I am working on the second book in my trilogy, which I reached 100 pages yesterday, VERY EXCITING! For more information about me,I will link my first article “Hey, My Name Is Jinapher” at the bottom of this post!

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I have a few questions I’ve been asked that I would also like to answer in this update:

  1. What authors inspire you to write? Okay, so, their are so many authors that inspire me to do what I do. Off the top of my head, I immediately think of John Green, J.K. Rowling, Cassandra Clare, Ally Condie, Scott Westerfeld, and gosh, a ton more. Pretty much every author inspires me. There has never been one author that I just told myself I would never read their work again. I’m really SUPER open-minded to about everything, so any author will ultimately inspire me to write something. I could probably read a book about chicken and then write a novel on a fantasy world about people who are half-chicken (not saying I actually am going to do that). Just saying.
  2. How many books have you written, and do you plan on publishing anytime soon? OH WOW. So, I’ve written many “books”, if that’s what you want to call my first drafts from way-back-when. BUT, my proudest achievement is probably “Choice”, which is the book I am always telling you all about. From what I can remember off the top of my head…hmm…ten books. There is probably more, but I just can’t remember my many projects since the 5th grade! Do I plan on publishing SOON? So, here’s the deal with that. Yes, I WANT to publish soon, but because I’ve recently had a change in heart about “Choice”, I may be rewriting it AGAIN, therefore making publishing not an option. You see, I wrote the first book in middle school, so the characters are pretty young. Re-reading it, I’ve realized they are TOO young, so I need to fix that, meaning changing practically the whole way every character thinks in the first book. It’s kind of chaotic right now, but I have already gotten to page 100 in the second book. SO, when I finish rewriting “Choice” I will publish, or self-publish, ASAP, because I know everyone had been looking forward to it this summer and I feel terrible! No worries, though. I just want it to be perfect for you!
  3. I really like the beauty haul kind-of-thing you did on a previous post. Will you do more of those? YES, in fact, I will be doing one very soon, probably after the Featured Creative Mind article for July!
  4. In the beginning, you did articles more related on writing tips. Can you do more? OF COURSE I CAN! I know I haven’t done one too recently, but I will add it to my list RIGHT NOW. It’s kind-of a long list, but I promise, there will be one by mid-August!
  5. What’s your book about? It’s based in a different realm from ours and is told through the eyes of different “beings”. I don’t want to give too much away, but once I get things sorted, I will totally share the synopsis! I apologize, but I really can’t say more even though I really want to!

Okay, so those were the questions and I hope I’ve answered them properly! If you would, please glance at the top of my blog and notice that I have put a few extra tabs up there. I’ve added a place for you all to ask questions and stay updated, plus access to the Featured Creative Minds articles. I did this all for you, so please check it out. Also, speaking of Featured Creative Minds, July’s article will be released next week! It’s featuring David Sandum! For those who don’t already know him, I will link his social accounts below.

Well, that’s all for today! I hope you all have a cheerful rest of the week because I most likely will not be posting again until Monday next week. Oh, and before I forget, I will be doing a book review on “Invisibility” by Andrea Cremer and David Levithan, “The Crucible” by Arthur Miller, and “The Picture of Dorian Gray” by Oscar Wilde BEFORE NEXT THURSDAY!


Jinapher J. Hoffman


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