From Me to You: A Life Glimpse

“This morning I woke up refreshed with the taste of delicious coffee on my lips and the smell of fresh bread filling my nostrils,” said no one on a Monday.


I find it curious that we all think of Mondays as the brutal day we MUST encounter in order to get to Friday, when in all reality, (sorry to be a pessimist) we still have Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to accomplish. So, what makes Mondays so terrible? I believe we all think of Monday as that hateful day because everyone else around us is thinking it. We don’t like it because it means work and school and not being able to lay comfortably in bed for several hours while staring at Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. But, here I am on a Tuesday realizing that yesterday was Monday, and I’ve already been struck with the thought of: “It really wasn’t all that bad.” With the exception of being late to school, everything else seemed to go a-okay. I’m sure there are those out there, maybe even you who are reading this, who had a horrible day yesterday. If so, I am here to say that I hope it gets better.


*CRIES OUT IN FRUSTRATION WHEN PRETTY LITTLE LIARS ALARM GOES OFF AND THE SEASON IS OVER* Seriously though, when will Spencer, Hanna, Aria, and Emily ever learn that “A” is never who they think it is? I bet it’s not even Ezra and he was just upset because…OMG WHY?! *sadness*

I know that’s an odd way to start this “A Life Glimpse”, but I prefer to share my inner feelings with you when the time is right…This seemed like one of those times… However, Monday is not all I want to talk about, oh no, I have lots more to say. First, I would like to give everyone a little more information of my first book,”CHOICE”, where you can purchase it, when you can purchase it, etc…

imagesChoice”, for those interested, is the first book out of a trilogy that tells the tale of a extraordinarily bizarre coming of age story. It’s main focus is on the main character Rebecca, but the Chapters do rotate between other characters as well. The story line follows Rebecca and her group of BEINGS( a.k.a. something extremely awesome that I cannot yet reveal!) as they try to successfully find themselves. Although, while doing so, they find that they are creating a war, not only within themselves as “beings”, but also with an ancient curse that makes history in their REALM( another awesome thing I cannot reveal) repeat itself. The book is, unless a publisher or agent takes notice, going to be self-published NEXT SUMMER 2014! You can expect to see it floating around the ebook market around June 2014/July 2014.

If you wish to PRE-ORDER( as in place your order but not actually pay yet) you MUST EMAIL ME, JINAPHER J. HOFFMAN, AT: inspiring All you have to do is say, “I want to purchase a hardback and/or paperback copy of “Choice”,” followed by your first and last name. Your name will then go on an email list to notify you when I will be accepting your payments. I will not be collecting money at this time in order to ensure that it does not become lost between now and the Summer of 2014. THIS IS ONLY IF YOU WANT A “REAL” COPY AND NOT THE EBOOK OR IF YOU WANT BOTH! It is crucial that you send in your email before March of 2014!

a9fb297a4037e9c661d41fafe410b7daNow, onto other things! I am sure that many of you have noticed my lack of blogging lately, and I do apologize, but I also promise that I will make up for it. Coming up is Mobile Fashion Week, which I have behind-thescene-access to and I will be blogging about throughout the fashion week. There will be exclusive videos, pictures, and of course my opinion on all of the clothing being presented.

TOMORROW, THERE WILL BE A NEW POST! Tomorrow, be sure to come back to my blog to read on how you can help prevent human trafficing and cancer. Two very wonderful organizations have taken the liberty to stand up and help out, so you should too! More information will be listed tomorrow morning on the organizations and how you can help!

What is #PEPTALKS?

Lately, you may have seen me tweeting out this hashtag. In October 2013, I will be starting a blogging and vlogging web series on how to stay uplifted and courageous while writing your novel. I am hoping to be able to provide anyone interested with my tips, tricks, and advice on how to become a better writer and even how to get published. This past year, I’ve done a lot of work building my Writer’s Platform and finishing up my trilogy. Now, I’m ready to share what I’ve learned with you(: Be sure to leave me a comment on the Pep Talks page at the top of this blog if you will be attending!

Contest, contest, CONTEST! Hopefully, now I REALLY have your attention! Between 3358414_orignow and December 30th, 2013, I will be excepting short story submissions at a maximum of 15 pages. It can be in any genre and can have any amount of words as long as it doesn’t pass the 15 page limit. Correct grammar isn’t necessary, but it’s suggested! Trust me, you will want to enter this if you’re a writer! Further details will be released this week, including the rules and the prize! Be sure to tweet #HOFFMANWRITERCONTEST if you are participating! Oh, and it’s FREE!


Jinapher J. Hoffman


All of them are listed under the “Get Updated” tab at the top of this blog!


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