My Mobile Fashion Week Experience 2013

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Being a 16-year-old girl, there’s not a whole lot out there I can actually do, but the things I can do, the things that life offers me, I put all my effort into. Since August 2013, I have been preparing for Mobile Fashion Week, and now that it’s over, I am happy to say that all my time and effort was worth it. The shows were all spectacular: high-end designs, hair, and makeup. I wouldn’t trade the experience for the world! It was so fun and intriguing that I decided I MUST share it with my lovely followers, and so, here it is.


Mobile Fashion Week is fashion with a cause. It’s a wonderful event that anyone into fashion should get involved in. I give big props to Richard McGill, the head of it all, who literally was running all over the place until he last second of Saturday night, Finale night. Without him, I’m sure this event wouldn’t have been as amazing as it was. But, of course, he was not the only one.There were so many new and friendly faces I got to meet that were helping Richard put together this event, all equally inspiring and passionate about Mobile, Alabama becoming a place of fashion. The first event I was able to attend was the pre-party, which kicked-off the week to a splendid start. I loved the way the Art Council was set up like a museum, allowing the models to become the stunning statues of the “Little Gold Dresses” that were being displayed. I attended the event with my sister, and Mobile Fashion Week Designer, Destani Hoffman, who agreed that the party was a MAGNIFICENT start for the week.

On Wednesday, September 25th, Mobile Fashion Week held the first runway show in Legacy Village, a small plaza in, of course, Mobile. The show grew in spectators as the evening preceded and models showed off the latest Fall trends for the hottest boutiques.


My personal favorite, or “stand-out” piece, was a red raincoat sold by Ballins. I loved the sleek way it fit the model wearing it and how gorgeous it was when it hit the light. Fortunately, I was able to make it to Ballins before they closed and ask a few questions about this stand-out piece.I found that the Manager and the General Manager were both at the shop for Mobile Fashion Week, and, as friendly as they were, they allowed me to try on the raincoat. IT WAS AMAZING! The hood snapped off, turning it from a rain coat to a chic jacket, and the back panel was adjustable to fit any size. Ballins was sure to state that the coat also comes in a “Gun Metal Grey”, which looked great on the hanger. I can only imagine how beautiful it is on! Sadly, I had to walk away from the piece, due to my insufficient funds, but I am happy to know that they can hold one on layaway for Christmas.

On Thursday, September 26th, I was introduced to crazy hair, and I mean CRAZY. Pantene Beautiful Lengths, one of the three charities Mobile Fashion Week supports, donated time to dress up some models with outrageous, yet fashionable, hairstyles and they put on a show. I attended the event with my handsome plus one, and watched an hour show of stunning hair. Some of it was piled on top of heads, while other models had hair braided  in funky styles down to their waist. I would hate to have to get all that hair spray out, but then again, won’t we do anything for fashion? I know I would if I could rock hair like that everyday of the week!

On Friday, September 27th, Mobile Fashion Week carried the runway to a parking garage, and although that may seem some-what ridiculous, the outcome was PERFECT. Only fashion could spice up a parking garage. Watching the show, it was so great to see some of the hairstyles from Thursday’s Hair Show carried over to Friday’s show. The hair plus the clothing made the show ten times more elaborate and spectacular. I was intrigued every second of it, and it ended up being one of my favorite nights of the week. I loved the boutique styles that walked the runway, and I also loved hearing from two representatives of Camp Rap-A-Hope at the end of the show. It’s always good to know that your money is going toward such a wonderful cause.

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The last night of Mobile Fashion Week, September 28th, I spent most of my backstage time helping my older sister, Destani Hoffman, prepare. Watching her collection walk down the runway was a dream come true for her, and I was glad to be their to support her. Not only that, but I also got to see some other astonishing works of art that evening. A collection of gorgeous evening gowns walked the runway, which had me smiling from ear to ear. I almost wanted to purchase one for prom right then and there, but of course not having sufficient funds stopped me once again. Oh, how I wish to be rich. Anyways, I also got to watch William Bradley’s collection, which I
It was very cool to see an established designer as himself show his collection in Mobile, Alabama. My favorite collection of the night, and I pinky-promise I’m not being bias because she’s my sister, was Destani Hoffman’s. The looks were so different from anything I’ve ever seen, and it was amazing to see ART as FASHION. In fact, all my followers can expect to see her take over my Featured Creative Mind Article of October 2013! I will be doing an inside look on the design process of the collection she presented at Mobile Fashion Week, and I will also have inside information on what she plans on doing next!

All in all, I am so happy that I was blessed with this opportunity of being involved with Mobile Fashion Week. I hope that I will be able to participate and blog for it again next year, especially since now I know what it’s all about and I won’t need training wheels any longer! I just know that next year will be have an even larger “WOW” factor, and I CANNOT WAIT! Be sure to check out photos on Mobile Fashion Week’s website:, and to read up on the three charities it benefited: Eye Heart World, Pantene Beautiful Lengths, and Camp Rap-A-Hope. Until next time, please subscribe to my blog and share it with your friends!


Jinapher J. Hoffman


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