Monthly Favorites-September 2013


Recently, I’ve been looking for some blog posts I could do every month, especially since all of you have taken a liking to my Featured Creative Mind articles (next one comes out this month!). I’ve seen a lot of beauty gurus do these types of blog posts, so I’ve decided to do my own but with my own twist. Not only am I going to start blogging about make-up products I’ve fallen in love with each month, but I will also be including music, BOOKS, and food! So, buckle those seat belts ladies and gents, because this month I’ve had an obsessive crush on A TON of items.


dsc_0842First, let’s start off with make-up. My number one favorite for September and probably for the rest of Fall, is NYX’s lipstick in color #634. It’s this absolute gorgeous red whine color. Plus, it’s very creamy, and although it does come off while I’m eating, it kind-of stains my lips so that if I left it at home, I don’t have to reapply. Lately, I’ve been using it for special occasions, but it’s slowly working it’s way into my everyday routine. It’s also one of those lipsticks that really makes my teeth look a lot more white than usual, which is always a plus!

1 (8)My second monthly favorite is my NYC Liquid Lipshine in the color Fashion Ave Fuchsia. This color I actually layer on top of my NYX lipstick, which really gives it a fresh glossy look. One thing I don’t like about this lip gloss is that using too much makes it sticky, so I always only use a spare amount, which is usually enough for me anyways. It’s great for when I’m on the go and want to add a pop of color. Also, it’s on the cheap side, which is a win-win for me! I definitely tend to stick to the cheaper side of things, except for, of course, those occasional designer must-haves.

My third favorite is what I like to call my “Glamour Skin Combo”. The combo includes my daily foundation, liquid and powder, plus a concealer of my choice. This month, I have been trying out Maybelline’s Fit Me liquid foundation in shade 115 and the matching powder foundation also in 115. The concealer is by NYX and it is their Above and Beyond Full Coverage Concealer in the shade Porcelain (Yes, I’m quite pale). These three products have been working wonderfully together and I plan on continuing to use them. My only problem is that I do not own a concealer brush, so I usually just apply it with my fingers, but with this particular concealer, I really need a brush because it’s in a paint-pot type packaging. Whenever I try to apply with my fingers, it gets under my nails and all gross. So, therefore, I recommend having a concealer brush before purchasing this particular product. Either way, though messy, this concealer has been a helpful tool during this past month due to much stress and acne. I highly, HIGHLY, recommend it because it is very pigmented. As for the foundations, I also extremely enjoy them. The liquid foundation definitely makes me shiny looking, so I’m very glad I bought the powder foundation to dab over the top of it and my concealer!

imagesOkay, so, my last beauty product for the month of September is E.L.F.’s blush in Pink Passion. This blush is the most vibrant, yet subtle blush I own. It’s so gorgeous and is a great transition blush for Summer to Fall. So far, all of the E.L.F. products I’ve tried have been excellent quality, and are VERY CHEAP. I bought this blush for $3 at the most and most everything else in their line is under $6. I know you can find them at Target, but if you know of anywhere else, please let me know, because I love their products and I would love to get my hands on more!



Now, onto my music favorites! I have a lot of music favorites, but right now, three stand out the most in my head. The first one is “Sweater Weather” by The Neighbourhood. Oh goodness, this song has been my life since the end of August and all the way throughout September. I’ll probably still be listening to it throughout October, but…It’s just so good! My second music favorite is “Clarity” by Zed. I have had this song stuck in my head literally all month, which is kind of annoying, but it’s grown on me. My last music favorite is Matt & Kim’s “Daylight”! i just love all three of these songs and I hope you give them a listen!


Now for my favorite monthly favorites: BOOKS! Because I read so many books in August, I took it slow this month and so I only have two books that were favorites out of the four I read. They are both sequels to books I read in August that I had fallen in love with, and let me tell you, their sequels were even better. The first is “Lola and the Boy Next Door” by Stephanie Perkins (Review coming soon) and the second was “Once” by Anna Carey. Both of these books were stunning, but if I had to rate one higher above the other, it’s “Lola and the Boy Next Door”. Stephanie Perkins has an amazing talent with words, and keep your eyes open for a review on the book because I will be doing one. Like I said, “Lola and the Boy Next Door” is a sequel. So, if you would like to know more about the first book “Anna and the French Kiss”, CLICK HERE!


821045bMy last monthly favorites are under the food category, even though they are both drinks! My first favorite is Arizona’s Sweet Tea. This drink is perfectly balanced from cylinder top to cylinder bottom, and it’s only a dollar! I literally started to stop by my local Rite Aid to purchase a can before driving to work EVERY SINGLE DAY. Yes, it’s that good. My second favorite is a Vanilla Iced Latte from Starbucks with three extra pumps of vanilla! This was such a great drink for September, and I’m going to miss it as I begin trying out all the new Fall flavors Starbucks is coming out with.

Well, those are all my favorites for September! If you liked this post, be sure to subscribe to my blog and to share it with your family and friends. But, until next time…


Jinapher J. Hoffman


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