Why Hath Vamped Blog?

So, any of you new fellows may not notice that my blog has gone through a recent change. BUT, those of you who have been following for awhile, I’m sure you noticed! I got tired of the cool swirly header and decided to go ahead and pay the $30 for a new theme! I happen to love this one, especially since now, even if you don’t have a WordPress account, you can still follow me by simply entering an email!

I like your face. Subscribe.

(said with menacing tone and then with a fake cheesy smile at the end)

Seriously though, subscribing to my blog, especially if you’re a writer, will bring you so many good things. ?I blog from the highest fashion to why the ABC’s were invented. I am your personal dictionary for book reviews, writing advice, latest fashion, and, of course, how to be a writing pro such as myself (wink, wink). Anyways…Back to why I vamped up the blog:

1) I personally get bored quite easily. Therefore, old theme hath removed.

2) You personally probably were getting bored of scrolling and scrolling to find the entry you wanted to read. Luckily, this one you still have to scroll, but it shortens the articles to give you a better view.

3) Additionally, it’s October and Vamped sounds like Vampire. I don’t know, okay? It made sense in my head…

4) I thought it was pretty.

Not only has my blog been vamped, but I am also sticking to the promise I promised you all yesterday: BLOG MORE! I really want to try and blog every single day, but in order to do so, I really need your support! i would love to hear what my readers want to read about, so feel free to tweet me, facebook me, instagram me, or even comment on this post any topic suggestions. You know, as long as it’s appropriate (giggles), we shall all get along. Yep, so get to it you lovely people!


Jinapher J. Hoffman

Posts to Look Forward To

-October Featured Creative Mind: Destani Hoffman

-How to Overcome Writer’s Block

-Compete With Me! A full list of writing competitions you can enter along with me.

How to Get In Touch

Simply click the tab at the top of this blog that reads “Stay Updated”.  I respond quickly to Twitter (just so you know).


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