How to Juggle Life & Writing

Recently, I’ve gone through many complications that have put a halt on my writing. Sometimes, none of us can really help the way life takes its automatic twists and turns. However, we can help save our writing.

Now, the first thing I want to establish is that you have a choice as a writer. The powerful emotions that flow through your body are to be experienced however you like. When it comes to me, I never ever want to take advantage of my emotions to write a good story. I always want to wait a little bit and make sure I have control over what I’m writing. Some people like to do this differently. Sometimes it’s very beneficial to use your emotions and write something uncontrolled. It will probably be random and full of what you’re feeling, but it might also be able to twist into a really amazing story. So, as you can see, your life might be just the story you need to perfect the one you’ve been trying to write.

I’ve just now begun to learn that my life is my story. The twists and turns in my stories are all twists and turns I’ve taken before, except they’ve most likely been blown out of proportion. It’s okay to use your life and make it the fantasy you’ve always wanted. Make yourself a Queen or a King. Make yourself an Angel or expose your inner Demons. Become what you are not so that you can stay what you truly are in real life. Play pretend in your stories and play creativity in the way you make your path through life. Don’t let things, such as lost love, or repeated failures be your reason to stop writing.

Write because you know the story has been granted to you through your emotions, through your life. Nobody should ever take that benefit from you, and if they do, then let them be the Villain and let yourself be the Superhero. Save yourself from your reckless decisions, or others reckless decisions, and make a story worth reading. Don’t juggle between life OR writing. Juggle with life AND writing.

They’re a package deal.


Jinapher J. Hoffman


If you enjoy my advice, let me know. I love writing personally to you all, but I also know it’s quite different from what I usually write. So, please, share this blog with your friends and family to show your appreciation. Thank-you lovelies(:


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