Become A Cause Carrier

As you all know, I have partnered up with the charitable organization Eye Heart World! They are a wonderful organization that raises funds through fashion to help victims of human trafficking. It is an honor to intern for them, and now I want those of you who are interested to become involved too!

Now, I can’t offer any internships, but I can definitely offer to let you become a Cause Carrier. What is a Cause Carrier? A Cause Carrier is someone who purchases one of the Eye Heart World products and shows it off to the world, promoting awareness for human trafficking. Believe it or not, human trafficking is a very serious matter that you may not even realize is going on right underneath your nose. Being a Cause Carrier myself, I want to help you all understand why Eye Heart World is such a wonderful non-profit organization to purchase from.

1) All of your proceeds go to helping those in need. We do not try to make money off of you! The main goal for Eye Heart World is to stop human trafficking, not get rich.

2) Think about how your money could change a girl’s life. Think about how amazing it would be if you could say, “I just saved a girl from terror.” Because, that’s what human trafficking is: a terrible, terrible ordeal.

3) You get a cute new bag, shirt, cuff, or other fashionable item! Really, it’s a win, win!

So, become a Cause Carrier today by visiting this website:

Plus, be sure to follow me on my California Adventures December 5th-12th, 2013 to see me Carry the Cause!


Jinapher J. Hoffman


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