Project Choice

After four, almost five, years of constantly looking for an agent, re-editing, and putting all my strength into my first book, I’ve finally decided to self-publish. I came to the realization that although this book is pretty much my child, I will be able to find an even better story for publication later in life. My dream was to publish my first book at sixteen, and although by Summer of 2014 I will be 17, I still think that will be better than waiting and waiting for an agent, let alone a publisher. So, I bring to you all Project Choice!

Self-publishing has become just as competitive as the traditional publishing route and also just as expensive. To make this book happen, I will be taking a bi-weekly amount from my paycheck and stuffing it somewhere safe until this upcoming summer. However, I don’t think I can fundraise on my own, which is where I humbly bow down to my wonderful readers and ask for your help. Hopefully, by this Monday, I will have a “Donate” page linked to my blog where anyone and donate any amount to Project Choice. ALL proceeds donated to Project Choice will go toward getting my book self-published and copies in print for ANYONE to purchase this summer! I would be so grateful for your help in the matter, especially if you plan on reading the book when it becomes available to you.

Now, money is not the only part of Project Choice that I wanted to bring up. Part of Project Choice is to also promote the book. This is very simple for you to help out with, and again I would be very grateful. All you have to do is share this post on your social networks! If you are a blogger and would like to promote the book on your blog, please email me at: inspiring I would love to somehow help you, as a blogger, out as well, by maybe promoting some of your work, so be sure to email! Also, if promoting on a social network, be sure to include the hashtag: #ProjectChoice!

The last part of Project Choice is simply to get excited! Next weekend will be the first, never-before-seen, release of the book’s synopsis/summary. I am beyond psyched to be able to FINALLY share this with you all and I hope you like it! Thank-you so much for being a reader of this blog. I hope I can repay you with a great story! Be sure to share!


Jinapher J. Hoffman


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