Teacup Friday: 1/24/2014

Dear Friend,

Because there will be more book reviews and advertising for my upcoming release on my blog, I thought it would be a splendid idea to have a blog post once a week that is a life glimpse. This blog is and will always be a personal blog for me, and the last thing I want is to be bombarding you with add after add after add. So, today I am starting a segment called Teacup Friday (Tea and Fridays are two of my favorite things, so why not?), which will be a once a week kind-of thing where I talk to you about life. I’ve done life glimpses in the past and you seemed to like them, so I thought it would be rather silly of me to not have some any more. Now, let’s move on to the segment.

My week starts off with Mondays, which usually means waking up at approximately 6:30 a.m., falling back to sleep until 6:40 a.m. and then running around like a furious frenzied animal until 7:10 when I have to go outside, start up my car, and make my way to school. When I get there, my brain is usually fuzzy from the lack of sleep I got the night before and my eyes seem to drift to weird spots on the classroom ceiling I had never noticed before. It’s not until second block that I actually wake up from my fuzzy-mind state and move onto the less-fuzzy-mind state, meaning I’m still fuzzy minded. I usually have AP English or Pre-calculous second block, and quite honestly, those classes make my head throb more than going a month without coffee or tea does. I like to call Mondays my unstable days, plainly because there’s not telling what kind of person I will be. Tuesdays, however, are different, especially this Tuesday.

Tuesday morning, I woke up, got ready to go, raced to school, went through my fuzzy-mind state, and moved straight on to thinkity, think, think, thinking! Tuesdays always seem to be my thinking days. I’m not sure why, but it’s like every single moment of my entire life seems to pile into my head on Tuesdays, leaving me no choice but to sort through each memory, throwing away the ones that bore me and keeping the ones that might help me write a new short story or something for my blog. Tuesdays are also usually trashy Tuesdays. I never fail to look horribly messed up on Tuesdays. My mind might be up and running, but from the outside, you would never know. It literally looks like I was running around trying to catch an invisible squeaking chicken before I get to school on Tuesdays. Tuesdays are also Top Ten Tuesday for my blog. I’ve done a pretty terrible job keeping up with Top Ten Tuesday, and I think it has a lot to do with the fact that during school I’m going through all those things that had been stuffed into my head and then when I get home, all I want to do is watch Hulu Plus or Netflix. I’m going to try a lot harder to get Top Ten Tuesdays completed.

Then, there’s Wednesdays, the utterly pointless day that has been stuck in the middle of a week and named Hump Day. I never know if I should think of Wednesday as a sexual day or as a day a camel screams about. On the other side of things, Wednesdays are typically the days I am still thinking about how horrible Monday and Tuesday were, but still dreaming about how there’s only Thursday and Friday left before I get to sleep in. Sleep is a big priority of mine, along with writing and tea/coffee. I can’t live without any of those!

So, since Wednesday is a pretty boring day, I should move on to Thursday, which never fails to feel like Friday. Thursday is a jerk. It is so close to Friday that it tries to play with your head and make you think that it is Friday. I always feel like Thursday is the end of the week and then I lay in bed that night and slap myself on the forehead as I remember I still have another day of school left before the weekend. It’s an agonizing realization.

Enough about Player Thursday and lets just get to my homie: Friday. Friday and I are like this (crosses fingers); close! We balance all of the good and bad out with just the fact that Friday is the last day before the weekend. Friday is the day I get to go home, lie down, and dream of happy thoughts and not have to worry about any homework. Friday is happiness.

However, Saturday is better. Saturday usually, for me, means hanging out with my friends, sleeping in, taking cat naps, reading trilogies in four hours, catching up on all my favorite shows, pigging out on twirlers or mint chocolate chip ice-cream, and running around like a freak. Saturdays are most likely some of my most productive days, and on top of that, I actually get to have a cup of tea on Saturdays! I don’t have to worry about rushing out the door to make it to school. Instead, I get to wake up at a refreshing hour, drink refreshing tea, eat a refreshing breakfast that’s big enough to make up for all the school days I didn’t eat breakfast on, and then take my time to get pretty and go off with my friends. Saturdays are my only moments of pure freedom! Though, by Saturday night, I’m usually dreading the fact that the next day is Sunday, meaning I have to complete all the homework my AP classes assigned me to do over the weekend.

So, to put my week together rather blandly:

Monday is Fuzzy-Minded Monday

Tuesday is Thinking Tuesday

Wednesday is Hump Day Wednesday

Thursday is Player Thursday

Friday is Happy Friday

Saturday is Refreshing Saturday

& Last, Sunday is Homework Sunday

My weeks are pretty bland, I know, but for next Friday’s Teacup Friday be prepared for a different kind of post. This post was just to give you an overview of my week. Next Friday, I will be more detailed and actually tell a story or two. Anyways, I’m exhausted for some reason at only 6:30 p.m.! So, I am going to go tell my mother hello, grab some water before my kidneys start trying to kill me, and stuff my face with food I doubt we actually own.


Jinapher J. Hoffman


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