Featured Creative Mind: Destani Hoffman

“The illusion that the next time it might be perfect keeps us going”

– Viktor & Rolf

After doing my first three Featured Creative Mind articles and then taking a break over the winter holidays, I felt the need to start this segment up with someone close to me and who is also very talented: Destani Hoffman, Fashion Designer and Artist.


Destani Hoffman, age 23, started sketching her first designs when she was much younger, having being bored after her parents grounded her. The grounding, however, turned into one of her parents’ best decisions because now she has attended both Parsons and SCAD(Savannah College of Art and Design), completed her first runway show at Mobile Fashion Week, had her first photo shoot with her Spring 2014 collection, and enlisted herself in an art project for Eye Heart World(link below). “Attending college,” Hoffman had mentioned in her interview, “was my biggest accomplishment.” She had attended Parsons: The New School for Design in New York for about a year before deciding to transfer closer to home at SCAD. The transfer, she thought, was one of her best decisions. She received the best of two of the greatest fashion colleges in the US. She couldn’t be more thankful to her parents who helped pay her way through both college experiences.

Destani Hoffman

Destani Hoffman: Mobile Fashion Week Design

Putting college aside, I asked about her personal achievements and which ones she is most proud of today. She quickly answered, “Mobile Fashion Week. It’s where I made my first debut on a runway, and it was so wonderful.” Having been at the Mobile Fashion Week event as a blogger/reviewer, I had personally watched Destani Hoffman’s designs walk down the runway. The thing I liked most was the sheer difference in her collection from everyone else’s. Even if some people didn’t understand the whole concept of her over-the-top, haute couture designs, they at the very least recognized her talent and uniqueness. Because her designs were so different from what the “normal” is in Mobile, AL, I decided to pick her brain on her own outlook on fashion today.

I see it branching out to be more artistic and willing to accept artists to be individuals in the market rather than designing to sell,” Hoffman explained, “It’s a rough life. It’s a lot of hard work, a lot of dedication, and you have to be willing to make personal and professional sacrifices to get to be where you need to be. It’s becoming more about the show. I like that designers finally have the freedom to be an artist and make every fashion show a real experience for the audience.

Because her designs are so one-of-a-kind, I asked her if she were to place her work in a genre, fashion genres that is, which genre it would be. I told her I saw haute couture, definitely, and she agreed, “The passionate side of what I want to do as a designer is haute-couture…I choose to look at it like an artists point-of-view, every garment is surrounded by a mood or character. Every collection is revolving around a little piece of a world inside of my head.

This intrigued me, mainly because as a writer, I go through the same steps to write a story. Even fashion, it seems, has a story to tell. It’s more than just a garment or something pretty to look at and try on. It’s art. With a designing aesthetic so out-there, I wondered what she plans to do with it. “I would like to be able to show in fashion weeks all over the world. I want to one day be a household designer name(someone like Alexander McQueen). Someone that young artists and designers can look up to for taking their own path and doing things for happiness rather than money.”

I also learned about her process as a designer. Destani Hoffman carefully put that, for her, only the best things come without a process. It’s all about what mood she may be feeling or what objects she’s been staring at all day. Process usually means a routine and a routine in fashion is boring before it has even been used. She said it helps to have designers, such as Viktor & Rolf, Maison Martin Margiela, and Alexander McQueen, around who have already created beautiful designs. At the same time, however, she knows that also sets a high bar in the fashion industry.

Though her journey has only just begun, she’s scored accomplishments most designers her age are still hoping to achieve. With her passion, she hopes to not reach the stars, but go further, and with her creativity and skill she hopes to get there faster than most. Time management, the third thing that is necessary to have as a designer, is something she is improving on. Now that she has passion, creativity, and time management on her side, she is proud to move forward and bring something new to the plate.


Jinapher J. Hoffman

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