Teacup Friday- 2/7/14

Well, isn’t it another Friday!

This week went by so fast, I had a tough time keeping up with the weekly segments, but I did them! I loved this week’s Top Ten Tuesday, though the list was very difficult to do. Did you read it? Read it HERE. Now, onto my side note. Recently, I’ve took to finding inspiration through other arts, such as music and photographs, rather than the nature around me. However, while doing that, I came across a black and white photo of a girl in a top hat, and that’s where I found the inspiration for this week’s Short Story Thursday. For Teacup Friday, I would like to take that story and go more in depth, but if you have not read it, please do to eliminate spoilers. Read “Puppet Master” by Jinapher Hoffman HERE.

So, Thursday rolled around this week and I had not found a single thing to write about. I was searching for inspiration apparently in all the wrong places because my mind was blank! Thanks to Google Images, I was able to find the picture of the girl in the top hat and I thus came up with the idea of a puppet master. I’m not sure why, but that’s just how I’ve always imagined a puppet master’s appearance: almost like someone from the circus. I then started thinking about puppets and their strings and how the puppet master always has all the control over his/her puppets. That’s when I came up with Candace.

The entire story, you probably realized, was a metaphor about Candace being a so-called “puppeteer” or in other words, a person. She lost her parents and then she lost her boyfriend, and she felt guilt about not being able to help them. The “cloaked figure” was supposed to represent her inner turmoil, the thoughts that were pushing her to the edge. I think all of us can personally relate to having that “cloaked figure” or thoughts constantly there nagging us into bad situations. Candace is a symbol herself. She represents all the girls, boy, men, and women who have taken that leap for intentions that will probably never make sense to anyone but themselves. Candace took that leap off the “stage” which represented life. The “crowd” the cloaked figure had spoken about were the people who surrounded her and had tried to stop her from jumping. In the end however, Candace gave in to the taunting and jumped in the “black nothing”, which was a symbol for death.

Every now and then, I find it necessary to write a story like this that is raw and real and dark. I believe it’s brilliant to keep myself, as a writer, balanced by writing about happiness and sadness, darkness and light. I also thought it was a story with an important message. The message was simply that once Candace leaped she could not go back, and her legacy was done. There would never be another “Candace” to carry on her line of family. What she did was final.

In no way was the story supposed to encourage anyone to take the leap. What Candace did can never be taken back and if the story were to be a book, there would be plenty of loved ones who mourned her death afterwards. For those who struggle with a suicide temptation, I am always here for my readers. If you wish to talk about your situation anonymously and privately, you can email me at jjestineh@outlook.com. If you rather share your experience with the public and what you learned from it, feel free to post in the comments below.

That’s it for today’s Teacup Friday, and I hope that next week’s will have more of a happier note for all of you! I just felt the need to discuss the matter of suicide because I know that it is a national problem and I do know what it feels like to be misunderstood, or to feel alone. So, please, if you need someone to talk to, even if it’s just to say hi, email the email in bold in the previous paragraph.


Jinapher J. Hoffman


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