Hiraeth: My Advice on the Past

There are a million  billion reasons why we should hold on longer than necessary to things that will mean absolutely nothing to anyone else after we’re gone. And though it sounds rather morbid, we will all be gone eventually. So, my question is why do we make such a big deal about items of absolute no potential value to anyone else?


I think it’s because we miss them or that moment when all time stopped and the only thing we had to worry about was the way the stars shone or the sun came up for another day. It’s more of an inner want to use those moments to propel us forward to a new moment that can possibly replace that past moment.

Let’s say I have a t-shirt I wore the first time rode a bike. I don’t actually, but if I had kept it than my general reasoning for keeping the shirt would only make sense to me, myself, and I. I’d keep the shirt to remember the effort and time I put into getting to that one moment of success. The moment when I could zoom by more than one house and watch the gravel speed by like my life would eventually. I’d keep it to remember my headstrong strength and complete stubbornness to never let go. Of course, now I can get on a bike no problem and ride away into the sunset and it wouldn’t really mean that much other than, “That was a nice bike ride”, or “It’s way too freaking hot outside for this”.

It’s weird, I think, how we can all have so many moments apart, but when we all come together, we’re just creating another. No moment can ever be replicated. Sure, you could try, but that’s like going back to your EX and expecting yourself to forget the reasons why you broke up in the first place.

We all have a choice in this world: to live or to live slowly.

You can just live and forget about the past and all the many moments that make it up, OR you can live with all those moments tied to your back. You’d probably end up in the same place either way, but there’s definitely a difference on how you get there. To just live your life freely is to make new memories. Those memories might weigh you down in the future, but that’s a burden you won’t have to worry about till later on. It’s incredibly beautiful to just live your life with an open heart and mind. If you live your life with the past riding beside you, you’re heart may keep itself closed and your mind may be filled with all the reasons that held you back the first time.

The truth is that nothing in the future can be the past and nothing in the past can be the future.

There is only the here and the now: the present. And the present is what you make it. So, eradicate and burn away those many terrible memories and enjoy the time that’s been graciously granted to you. Be with the people who make you happy, who make you want to create new memories, not highlight old ones. Be the person you want to be: shaped my the past BUT open to a future. Failure to look forward will only result in future destruction.

A person’s mind is only as strong as the next day’s events.

The only challenge in freely living is to, in fact, be free. Free yourself from the many troubles that have held you back from pursuing what you love. Eradicate your fear of being anything but worthless. Your past is not you. You are the present, and because of that, there will be a future.


Jinapher J. Hoffman



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