That Thing Called Life

Everything changes in life, but I think the thing that changes the most on Earth is the people. One day, we could be best friends with someone, and then the next, we don’t recognize them. There’s the forced kind of change, the kind that you keep repeating to yourself, “I have to be this way”, even if you don’t have to be. There’s also the pressured kind of change, the kind that everyone else is making you to be. Then, there’s probably just the general change, which is the kind where we may change and not even realize it until someone else points it out.

The point is that we all change. Sometimes it’s for the worst, and sometimes it’s for the best.

Personally, being only 17, I have gone through considerable change; not only in appearance, but also in mind. What I mean by that is that my mind, our minds, are always adapting to whatever life throws at us. It could be a weather change, a best friend change, or a love change. Whatever it is, it’s a change, and our minds have to learn how to deal with it. Of course, not everyone has the strength mentally to help better themselves, but I truly believe that everyone can do it. There’s something magical about the way someone can go through, for example, a heartbreak and come out of it stronger, more confident, and an all around better person. Change, to me, is seriously just part of life. It’s all a part of this giant lesson. It’s the lesson that will sculpt us and transform us into something no demon can penetrate (except maybe chocolate), and it’s the kind of lesson that will be kept in our hearts. This lesson, this lesson, literally the one I’m learning right now, that we are all learning right now and will never stop learning, is different, yet the same, for everyone. So, when you’re down and can’t turn that frown upside down…Know that you’re not alone. Some of us have been through twice the amount of pain that you’ve yet to experience, and we’ve learned how to plaster on a carefully made mask, but don’t let us fool you. In some way, we are all experiencing pain at the same time. Even the movie stars, who have everything we all dream of having, go through pain.

Like wise, we all experience happiness. Unfortunately, when you’re sad, you may find it hard to believe you’ll ever find happiness again, but don’t worry, you will. I know because of another belief I have: that all bad is balanced with good. Does that mean you’ll have one bad thing happen, then a good thing, and then another bad? Not necessarily. This could mean that your entire childhood is terrible and the rest of your life seems miserable after that, THEN, happiness starts to sprinkle itself on you. I like to think about it kind-of like the tortoise and the hare. Sure, the bad (hare) was faster and came quicker than the good (tortoise), but just like in the story, the good will win. It’s really just a game of time.

All of this can be compiled into a four letter word we all hate. No, it’s not love, or yuck, but instead, it’s life. Life is the lesson. Life is the war. Life is everything, really, and no matter how much we want to take the problems out of the picture, it’s the problems, or life, that will aid you toward happiness. It’s a weird and rather optimistic way to think about it all, and I know there will always be those few pessimistic people, but trust me. The first step to ending the worst is to open the blinds and let the sun in. Take time to evaluate your life, the things you don’t like, and change it. Change the things that cause you pain and grief. Turn yourself into a better person, even if you think you never can be good, and believe just for a few moments that it’s all worth it. All of the pain, regret, and mistakes will pay off in the end.


Jinapher J. Hoffman


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