A Life Glimpse: Why I’ve Been M.I.A.

Good afternoon everyone!

As I’m sure many of you have noticed, I have been frequently absent from my blog and for that I sincerely apologize. You see, I’ve undergone a series of tasks lately that have put my blog on hold, and right now is seriously the first time I’ve been able to access my blog.

I thought it would be nice to inform you on what’s going on in my life and why the blog flow has significantly slowed this past month. I like to call these posts “Life Glimpses” and many of you who have been here since the beginning will understand that term very well. If you’re new, well then applause to you! Welcome to my blog!

Anyways, on to the real reason for this post: Where have I been?

Well, that’s a broad topic.

Let me start with the move. So, my family has officially moved into our new house and we bought it, so no more moving! Except I’ll have to move again for college next year…Sigh. However, the new house is great in so many ways except for this small, slight, infinitely minuscule problem: we cannot get internet.

Yes, I was being sarcastic. That really isn’t a small problem. It’s actually a very large one! How am I supposed to write to you guys if I have no internet? How am I supposed to vamp the blog for it’s birthday in a few weeks? How am I supposed to get the memberships set up for The Writing? How? How? How!

*Insert answer here*


So, hopefully you can see my very stressful dilemma. On top of that, I’ve been missing in action mostly due to my heavy work load. As you may know from a past Life Glimpse, I am taking two AP classes this year along with all honors. This week and next week are my final exams in all my classes, and unfortunately, my education has to be ranked higher than my writing, but only for the next two weeks(yippee!). Then, I’ll be able to FINALLY open the membership for The Writing, which I know you are all anxiously waiting on. Again, my apologies! I really wanted to have the application form up a week ago, but due to the circumstances, it just wasn’t going to happen. Fortunately, as I mentioned previously, after the two weeks are done, I will have a lot more time on my hands. However, I still won’t have internet. So, all I can really ask for is your patience in all this. I promise that The Writing is still going to happen, as well as the blog vamp. I WILL MAKE IT WORK! (I’m fully committed to this mission…after my finals…)

Other than that, I’d like to just say how very thankful I am for everyone who has continued to show their support, even when I’ve obviously been so MIA. I love you all so much and I am so blessed to have you! I would really like to do a blog post based on you guys’ opinions. So, be sure to leave your ideas for a new post in The Box (linked HERE). Have a wonderful next two weeks, and until then, I’ll be working on Preston, the novel for The Writing!


Jinapher J. Hoffman


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