BOOK REVIEW: City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare *SPOILERS*


Okay, so, after much wait, Cassandra Clare finally gave us the latest and last installment for The Mortal Instruments series, and I am going to start with my star rating and go from there. Also, please note that this review will have SPOILERS. So, if you have not read the book yet, I greatly suggest you do so, then come back. Also, there will be spoilers on The Infernal Devices as well because I can’t fully discuss this book without discussing TID too.

My Rating


City of Heavenly Fire is given 5 stars for being a great conclusion to The Mortal Instruments series. I found myself in awe at some of the techniques and little bits of foreshadowing that Cassandra would throw in here and there. While I did find some of it kind of dull, or just too drawn out, there were also enough funny, romantic, or battle scenes to even it out. Perhaps my favorite thing about this book is how Cassandra was able to tie in EVERYTHING, yet still leave the reader looking for more. Now, this is when I get to spoilers, so, seriously, if you haven’t read this book, it’s time for you to leave.

So, let me just begin with Emma Carstairs and the Blackthorn children… I was absolutely surprised to find how big of a role these characters played in the story line. For those who don’t know, Cassandra will be publishing another series based off of Emma Carstairs called The Dark Artifices. I figured we would probably get a glimpse, a very small glimpse, of Emma in this book, but instead, we get a full on mug shot! Emma just made me ten times more excited for TDA, especially with her kick ass attitude and severe loyalty to her family. HOWEVER, can we just talk about this whole parabaiti thing with Julian Blackthorn? I was screaming at Emma towards the end when her and Julian were becoming Parabaiti. I was like “You’re too young! This can’t be undone!” and then, after Cassandra established that there is an emotional connection, I was like, “You love him! Don’t do it! Parabaiti can’t date!” Yet…they still became Parabaiti. You know, after reading The Infernal Devices(TID) and seeing how Cassandra made that love triangle. Then, after reading The Mortal Instruments (TMI) and seeing Clary, Jace, and Simon. I was really interested to see how the heck Cassandra planned on mixing it up for TDA, and well, there you go! She made the lovers Parabaiti! *fumes*

Speaking of TID, I think it’s time I dive into Jem, Tessa, and Will. I full heartedly admit that most of the times I cried while reading City of Heavenly Fire was at the slight mention or connection to TID. TID is still my favorite series written by Cassandra Clare, and I was phsyched when the Silent Brother turned back into Jem. I mean, if you’ve read TID, you saw that coming, but Cassandra did it in such a way, that it was still shocking. I really loved how Jem was such an ominous character too. I liked how he kept to himself, but only said things that needed to be said. I also laughed so hard when Isabelle had that whole line about “When did Silent Brothers get hot?” right after Jace transformed Jem back with the heavenly fire. That was seriously the best. Anyways…So, we also figure out that Jem is Emma’s last living relative, and at the end of the book, him and Tessa are going to LA, which is where Emma will be and OMG we are totally going to get to see more of Jem and Tessa in TDA. Now, for Tessa, I was kind of confused until Magnus finally explained to Alec what happened to her. I like how she was in training to become an Iron Sister, just like Jem became a Silent Brother. At the end, when Tessa and Clary are talking, I don’t really get the whole book thing. But, I still thought it was cool seeing them meet and all. Really, though she’s a main character, Tessa was hardly the person I wanted to hear about. I wanted to hear about Will Herondale! So, if you’ve read TID, then you know Will passed away, but he had kids. So, Magnus mentions something about Will’s son being an ass, which I’m really interested in reading more about.I’ve been wondering if the fourth secret series Cassandra is planning will revolve around Will’s son, and if so, I will be plenty excited! But, I think I cried the hardest when Tessa and Jem were watching Jace play the piano and they were both like “He’s so much like Will…” That was just the icing on the cake for me.

Now, back to TMI. Can we talk about romance? I think we must. Let’s start with Alec and Magnus, whose relationship, I think, developed the most. I used to be really bothered by Alec. I just thought he was so immature in the past books, but at the beginning of this book, when he talks to Magnus outside the institute, Alec had really turned into a more mature character, which I loved, and I think Magnus grew to love more too. They both just became more detailed characters, and I think Cassandra did a great job with that. More on Alec, I was just cracking up at the fact that he kept catching Simon and Isabelle together. I was just waiting for him to beat up Simon! Speaking of Simon and Isabelle, are they not THE cutest couple in the whole book? They’re my favorite! Simon really progressed into this hero in City of Heavenly Fire and I love how he is so good for Isabelle. He really is a perfect match for her, and Isabelle became one of my favorite characters because of her relationship with Simon. The last couple, which kind of dominates the series, is, of course, Clary and Jace. They were the same old, same old for me. I didn’t really think anything changed except for the whole heavenly fire “I can’t touch you” thing. The only thing that really surprised me is the sex scene, which we HAVE to talk about, because there’s some major significance and something very hilarious about it. First of all, they do it in a cave…JUST LIKE TESSA AND WILL! I thought that was kind of funny. Then, the whole time, I was like “OMG he’s going to get her pregnant in the middle of Hell”, because they were literally in the middle of Hell. But then, here comes Jace whipping out a condom. Okay…can we just think about this for a moment…Jace is preparing to travel to a demon realm to kill one of the most dangerous villans, Sebastion, and he is making a list of things to take, right? So, battle equipment, check! Heavenly fire, check! And, oh wait, since the first thing I think of when going to Hell is getting it on with my significant other, so I should pack a condom too, check!

Really, Jace? Really?

But, enough about that, and more about Magnus! So, I really came to admire Magnus during this book, especially with his friendship with Rapheal. But, of course, because of that I was like “Well, Cassandra is totally going to kill him off.” And, then, when his dad turns out to be a Prince of Hell and wants to kill him, I’m just like “I saw that one coming.” But then Simon, he trades himself over and the demon takes Simon’s memories and everyone lives…I was very surprised. I was really anticipating Magnus to die, and I was really anticipating Alec to trade his memories instead, but he didn’t. I was totally yelling at Alec for that, like, “Don’t you love him? Do something!” But, no, Simon traded his memories and his Vampirism. But, it’s all good in the end because he names his band The Mortal Instruments, which allows him to become a shadow hunter. WHOA.

So, here’s some things we can hope for TDA:

  • Simon as a shadowhunter
  • Jace and Clary getting married
  • Jem and Tessa helping Emma
  • Church still being alive
  • Fairies trying to get back at the shadowhunters
  • Alec’s dad finally accepting his love for Magnus
  • Magnus’s demon daddy coming into play more
  • Emma and Julian falling in love despite the fact they’re parabaiti
  • Emma wanting to rescue Mark blackthorn, who was taken by the fairies, which will most likely end up with the faire queen trying to make a deal with them
  • More details on that shadowhunter institution in Idris
  • Perhaps more insight on Maia being the new leader of the wolf pack, and finding out more about her alliance with the Vampires

Other than that, I really can’t think of anything else! So, there is my rather indepth review of City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare, which recieved 5 out of 5 stars! Let me know what you thought about the book and any theories you have for TDA!


Jinapher J. Hoffman


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