“A Story Told” Eye Heart World Gala

Last night, June 19th, 2014, the non-profit organization Eye Heart World held their first art gala! Since December 2013, Eye Heart World co-founders, Season & Brian Russo, have been at hard work getting this gala put together in the hopes that they would raise more awareness and funds toward the prevention of Human Trafficking. The gala featured a 12-piece charcoal art collection created by the artist and fashion designer Destani Hoffman, one of my blog’s past Featured Creative Minds (Read Destani’s FCM article here).

I attended the event after helping with the planning from December to June, and writing a summary of the fictional story of the girl in Destani Hoffman’s art work. The summary, which can be played at the bottom of this post, outlines the 12 short stories I am writing for Eye Heart World’s coffee table book (Date of availability: TBA). It was such a blessing to hear the audio recording of the summary during the gala amidst over 200 people, which I recorded my voice to with the help of Six Degrees.

Below, I have created a video highlighting the day of the gala, from preparations to the actual event. I must say that, overall, the event ended up being beyond my expectations. About a month ago, everyone helping was a little worried we wouldn’t get a crowd for it. Then, when over 200 people attended, it was truly our prayers being answered. The video features segments from the presentation, a look at the art, the bikes(donated by Delta Bike Project and custom designed by Chris Hoffman), and a view of Downtown Mobile, Alabama, Space 301, where the event was held.

The “A Story Told” Gala was such a blessing for myself and the members of my family. The Hoffman’s put so much handwork into it all, and we are just so appreciative of Season & Brian Russo for letting us be a part of such a wonderful cause. We pray and hope that our creativity will help assist the awareness and profits of Eye Heart World. At the end of last night, it was so much more than a gala to us. For us, it had become a gift, shining a light on the dangers of Human Trafficking and how it needs to be stopped. Because of my wonderful experience with Eye Heart World, I encourage everyone to check out their website and get involved. Being involved doesn’t necessarily mean you give a ton of money. Just remember that what you give to the world, and Eye Heart World, will be given back in extraordinary ways. I will have Eye Heart World’s links listed down below, as well as the audio recording of my summary!


Jinapher J. Hoffman

Listen to “A Story Told” Summary by Jinapher J. Hoffman


Visit Eye Heart World’s Website



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