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Okay, so, it’s July. That means basically Summer is half-way over. *tears*

But…That also means…CAMP NANOWRIMO!

As you all know, or may not know, I am doing Camp NaNoWriMo this year for the second year in a row. For this year, I will be rewriting my first ever book, Choice, and because it is the official second day of the camp, I would like to share with you some more about Choice

Choice is the first book in The Dark League Trilogy that follows the lives of the three Protagonists, as well as some of their enemies. Each chapter is told from a different POV, allowing the reader to really get to know each individual character. This book, most of you know, is like my freaking child. No, actually, it is my freaking child. It wasn’t until today that I realized I’ve NEVER told the story of where I got the idea from, and I’d really love to share. So, grab a snack, and read all about the weird story of how a 13 year old girl dreamed up a world of half-beings, demons, angels, and more.

In 2011…That sounds so daunting. 

In 2011, I bought this red leather journal. Correction, someone else bought me this red leather journal after many pleas and begs from ROSS, a local clothing store (think up-scale Goodwill, but not as nice as TJ MAXX or MARSHALS). Anyways, I got this journal and I held onto it for about three weeks before every writing anything except filling in the blank that read “This Journal Belongs To” with my name. I was searching for something to put in it, because I have this thing where if I don’t start off a journal with something brilliant, then the journal gets left on a shelf with only one page written in it. I know. I’m weird. Get over it. Continuing on…It wasn’t until I was sitting in the passenger seat of a car, looking up at the sky (it was kind of overcast) that I saw these clouds. Some of them were dark, like thunder clouds, and others were white, like regular clouds, and then the sun would peek through in different spots making the edges of all the clouds, even the dark clouds, glow. 

And, that’s how Choice was born. 

I know, right? Who would have guessed clouds? I know I didn’t think some clouds could write the next four years of my life, but hey, never underestimate nature.

So, the clouds were the beginning of the Dark and Holy concept of my book. It wasn’t until I had this weird dream about a chair of thorns and a jury of winged creatures (it was a REALLY WEIRD dream) that I came up with Tables, and BOOM, I was scribbling, sprawled out in the middle of my bedroom floor, writing down a story idea on the very first page of that leather red journal. I distinctly remember living in a townhouse in South Carolina at the time, and running, or more like hoping, from my bedroom door to the kitchen(it was right outside my bedroom door) and babbling my mom’s ear off about this story idea and how I thought it was the best idea and that I just KNEW it was going to be the book that got me published.

To be honest, I don’t remember the exact day I started writing the book. There were-


Okay, so, Choice started with clouds AND Scream, which was a book I had written in Eighth grade. Honestly, it was wretched. Just god awful. BUT, the idea was perfect! I took Scream, and after seeing the clouds, I figured “This could totally be a series of some kind. All I have to do is split it all up.” And, behold, Choice was born!

Okay, now, back to where I was heading before. I don’t remember the exact day I started writing the book. However, I do remember pushing out chapters like crazy, maybe three or four a day. All of the chapters were SUPER short, but to me, they were long. I ended up printing out each chapter as I went so that my mom and sister could read along as I wrote, which was great because I always wanted to surprise them. I would make them tell me what they thought would happen next, and then I’d completely knock those ideas off my long list and go with the one they were least likely to suspect. It wasn’t long before I had finished the first book, and I was moving on to the second, which I actually wrote the majority of during school.

I apologize to the teachers who thought I was paying attention. Hey, at least I was writing my future!

Deal, the second book in The Dark League Trilogy, was AWESOME to write. It was like I was a spider spinning these different webs of mystery and betrayal and I felt freaking invincible at times. It definitely has most of my favorite “answers” in it.

There was a point where I wanted the Trilogy to become a Saga, and that is still a possibility, but at the moment, it’s a Trilogy.

The last book, War, was also super awesome. I mean, I don’t want to brag, but it’s pretty awesome. The most fun thing was killing off super annoying characters, despite the fact that my mom or sister might’ve loved them. When you’re writing about these characters all the time, I admit that killing some off is kind of a relief because you can end their story OR, as I may have done( wink, wink) carry their story out into a new generation, which BOOYAH, brings me to the whole reason why i’m writing this.

SURPRISE! You will be seeing A LOT more of The Dark League! I plan on doing at least one connecting series based on another generation. Oh, and just an FYI to all the people that are going to say I am a Cassandra Clare copy cat, I would like to tell you that I came up with this idea BEFORE I ever even knew who Cassandra Clare was. So, BAM, hop off my case, buddy.

Anyways, I hope you all are as excited as I am and I thank you for your patience. My audience grows larger everyday, and it is also helping myself grow as a writer. I am so blessed to have you all to read my work, because what is an author without readers? When Choice is published, whenever that may be, I can promise that it will not be the only book you are going to see from me. Those of you that have stuck around and are here for the long run, I promise it WILL be a really long run.

So, hop aboard the Jinapher Express, because time just sped up and Choice will be on the train to success by August 1st, 2014. Can I get an “Amen!”?


Jinapher J. Hoffman


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