Here’s to the Last Week of Summer! {BIG “Finding Yourself” blog series REVEAL}


Guess what, Ladies & Gents, Summer 2014, at least for most high school students, has reached it’s end, and the time for raging stress is once again upon us. Whether you are 20, and hitting your next year of college; or 40, working hard for that new job opening; or even 17, like myself, and working on your last year of high school: it’s time to make our last dive into 2014. Can you believe there’s only 4 months left of 2014, not including the miniscule amount left in August? It’s crazy that it’s almost over, and personally, I’m a bit freaked out that I need to get my college applications in by November for most of my choices.

However, this post isn’t about college or applications. This post is about my new blog series, and if you’re not a stranger to this blog than you know my last, like, five posts have been about this series. So, why not one more?

The new blog series, which will premiere this Fall (exact date TBA), is all about “Finding Yourself”. The series, however, is going to be a lot different from any of my other series I’ve done on this blog. Instead of just writing, I plan on incorporating several of my other favorite hobbies. One of those, if you read/watched my last post, is video production.

The teaser trailer you saw, which you can watch HERE if you haven’t seen it, is only a teaser of the OFFICIAL TRAILER, which will be up at the end of August. Basically, I am putting together a sort-of documentary about Finding Yourself to go along with the series. I’m really excited to dive into this unexplored hobby of mine, and I really hope you all enjoy it.

Alongside that, I will also have a post of photography, each photo having to do with, of course, Finding Yourself. Each photo, I hope, will tell a different story and anyone should be able to relate to them, no matter the age. I’ve so far planned out five of these photos as a minimum, but a maximum of ten!

Last, but certainly not least, the writing! I plan on throwing in some short stories about Finding Yourself, along with some special works done by some friends of mine! There will be more information on my special guests coming soon.

Other than that, keep yourself on the lookout by following myself on Instagram and Twitter, which I update more frequently than any other social network, for the OFFICIAL TRAILER! I hope you all have a lovely week.


Jinapher J. Hoffman


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