“TWENTY” Synopsis Reveal

Hey, everyone!

Here it is, finally: The synopsis for my eBook “Twenty”, which releases 12.24.14! Let me know what you think (:

The human population on Earth is down to maybe a thousand, but for Meredith, she’ll do anything, even if it means killing more people, to avenge her friends, family, and most of all, Camp.

Camp, the one place on Earth that was a safe place for kids eighteen and under. Of course, no one can truly outrun the Disease, which kills all adults, but they could outrun Government, Disease Control, and Children of Hazard: three groups all very capable of committing the same crime- murder.

Camp was Meredith’s protection from reliving the haunting memories of another time when she was a machine of Government, but now, with Camp wiped from existence, she’s forced to do the one thing she wished she’d never have to do again: visit the White House.

With nineteen kids following her lead, they travel toward Government in hopes of a negotiation, one that involves Meredith wiping out Children of Hazard, the most-likely suspect for destroying Camp. The only problem? Meredith is eighteen, and the one thing she can’t run from, the Disease, is going to take hold much sooner rather than later. Yet, she refuses to give up. She refuses to let these kids down. She refuses to let Disease Control, COH, or Government turn them into the monster she once was, and afraid she still is.

The answer to her problems?

Russell Waden is a twenty-year-old guy, who is seemingly immune to the Disease, and one of the only adults left in the world. He doesn’t know why this is, or how it came to be, and after five years of being trapped inside a comma, he wakes up to find himself thrown into a frenzy of events. Why he’s immune? No one seems to know, but when his journey to find out runs into Meredith’s journey to take down Children of Hazard, answers rise and so does chaos.


All rights reserved to Jinapher J. Hoffman. This synopsis is for the author’s upcoming debut eBook, Twenty. If quoted or mentioned, this author should receive full credit.


Jinapher J. Hoffman


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