Rant on Break Homework

Warning: This rant may or may not offend people involved in education. Please know that this is just me letting off some steam about my recent experiences, and that this is all just a matter of my own personal opinion. Nothing I write should be taken to heart PERSONALLY, but taken to heart WIDELY.

Let’s be honest: when kids are in high school, they are expected to do their homework. It doesn’t matter if we have a sport till 9 pm, or have to work till 11 pm. Teachers don’t care about that. What they care about is the assignment being turned in. Homework sucks. It really does, but myself and other students still get it done because they don’t want to fail. However, when a student has homework constantly, basically every night, and they have a two week break, that time should be what it is: A BREAK. That means us students shouldn’t have to worry about anything!

For me, I’m taking two AP classes and the rest are all Honors. My work load is pretty heavy, even though I only have five classes this year. My teachers don’t often take into account that I have OTHER classes, and so I typically end up with six hours worth of homework that I can truly only spend an hour doing. In my personal opinion, that’s ridiculous. Students should not be burdened down with so much homework they can’t breathe. I mean, I hate how I end up with more homework than actual classwork. I hate how the school systems, many of them, have begun to do that. Maybe we are young, and maybe we need to be responsible, but stressing us out with so much work that we feel like crying and are miserable is NOT NECESSARY.

But, back to the break thing.

Right now, I am on Christmas break and I’ve never been so stressed. I should be able to hang out with my family and my boyfriend and my friends, AND ENJOY MY TIME OFF, but unfortunately, I 1) had an English paper due, and my friends, a PAPER is not an ESSAY, 2) have to learn a whole unit for my Biology class through worksheets and projects, 3) I have to read the entirety of “Lord of the Flies” for English, and on top of that, I have my own personal deadlines. For example, I’m writing a book with a deadline of January 1st (that’s 50,000 words and over people). Also, I’m producing a video series for my blog, which takes a minimum of four hours for editing PER FILM. Oh, and I’m not done, I also have my social media to keep updated, which may not seem like a big deal, but when you’re someone like me who’s living will ultimately depend on social media in the near future, you have to keep up with it and update it accordingly. On top of that, I’m a Senior– meaning COLLEGE APPS.

Besides that? I have to spread my attention out to family and friends and my boyfriend. Of course, that’s not any kind of burden, but it does kind of suck that I don’t get a lot of time to do that, because when I do have my down time, my brain is still on. My brain never shuts up. When I’m finally done with one thing, it starts stressing about the next. I AM ALWAYS STRESSED. So stressed that I’ve started taking two to three hour baths. I’m 17. I should not be taking two to three hour baths. Not yet.

Am I complaining? Maybe a little bit. Don’t get me wrong. I am so blessed with ALL of these opportunities to do more with my life. My problem is that this Christmas Break was supposed to be exactly that with the exception of getting my book done. It was supposed to be my down time, and instead I’m crabby and frustrated and, honestly, REALLY HATE SCHOOL. High school should not stress me out so much that I hate it. It should not prevent me from doing things that will benefit my life in the future. Perhaps not every teenager is writing a book like me, or managing social media accounts rather than attending football games, but I AM POSITIVE that every other teenager out there shares this same frustration with their own circumstances.

So, I guess the moral of this rant is that I’m not a normal 17 year old and I should just be a stress ball and get over it. At least, that’s what most of my teachers and fellow adults would say with a nonchalant smile and a VERY tall pile of UNGRADED assignments on their desks. I’m just saying, no offense or anything, but if a teacher barely has the time to grade a few hundred papers, how do they expect a student to complete just as many assignments between all their classes? I think it’s a tad unfair.

Anyways, I’m just a teenager, right? So, what do I know?

I know that it would be nice if my 17 year old self could actually have the break I believe I deserve. Call me selfish if you’d like, but it’s the truth. I work my butt off and I deserve to be cut some slack, and honestly, my work that I turn in would be TEN TIMES BETTER if I wasn’t so stressed by the other multitude of assignments. Maybe that has something to do with my school system’s schedule (another rant for another day), but I truly should not beĀ this level of overwhelmed. Can I handle it? Oh, hell yes. Should I have to? Absolutely not. It’s not necessary for students to be assigned assignments that won’t even be graded until a couple weeks after they are due.

Sorry, I’m really stressed.


Jinapher J. Hoffman


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