About The Blog

I created this blog because I am a writer and, so, why not? I post interesting tips, advice, and even do articles featuring books, artists, authors, and fashion! I am a big fan of living in my room with a giant shelf of teen fantasy fiction, but I also really love my friends and family! This blog is a personal blog, and I plan on continuing to post for my viewers! If you have any suggestions for blog posts, be sure to leave a comment ANYWHERE on this blog. I WILL RECEIVE IT SOMEHOW, SOMEWAY!

Make sure to check out all of my other pages too!

Featured Creative Mind- This is one of my absolute favorite articles to write. I do one every single month. The blog post

is always about someone with the potential to become an amazing figure in our society. I always take requests from people if they are interested in being featured. You can be an aspiring writer, a singer that just likes to sing, or even an artist who paints beautiful stories.

Writing Advice- Because I am a writer, I have my fair share of experiences that I wish to share with other aspiring writers. I love being able to help you out!

Reviews- I try to review every book I read, but I read so many it’s hard to keep up with. However, if you go to the “Reviews” page at the top of this blog it will display all past reviews of books I’ve read, plus a brief synopsis of each!


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    • If you’re super interested, feel free to suggest I do a “How to…” article on them by submitting the idea to “The Box” (under the “Projects” tab)! Thanks for the feedback (:

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